We Nurture by providing opportunities for children to grow in a healthy and safe environment. Nurturing includes providing space and materials for fine and gross motor development and a loving and secure atmosphere for emotional and mental growth. We provide important stimulation and challenges so that they may gain physical autonomy, mental preeminence, and emotional stability. 


 As nurturing parents based on Christian faith, our teachers and directors aspire to smooth the students' transition to higher grades, building the confidence necessary to succeed. Through a loving and understanding environment, we prepare him or her to face the more demanding intellectual and social aspects of elementary school.  Immediately before academic preparation, we prioritize reinforcing a child's character through Christian persepective of love,vision. 


 Our Early Preschool program provides children with many opportunities to explore and experiment. Our students develop independence, language skills, sensory awareness and motor and social skills. We introduce children to the traditional Christian perspective areas: practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language and literacy, science and geography. In our safe and nurturing environment, young children become familiar and confident with school routine and basic self-help skills. Our well-rounded curriculum is also infused with art, music, Chinese, Spanish, cooking art, movies and physical education. 

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모집대상 (소수정원재)

모집대상 (소수정원재)

Sensory Activities 생각하고 느끼고 스토리탤링으로 말하고 

작품으로 표현하는 영재교육 / 커리큘럼 아이디어재료로 창의성을 극대화시키는 아이중심의 맞춤교육 프로그램 / 

소수정예 그룹형, 개인별 지도! 

현직아티스트 강사진들이 직접 가리치는 수준높고 

입소문난 수업방법진행! 

1:1 맞춤교육으로 미술실력을 수학과 기하학적으로 풀어나가 생활속에  지혜와기술을 미술분야뿐 아니라  

학교생활에서도 자신감을 발휘할 수 있게 해주며

믿고! 신뢰! 할수있는 우리자녀들의꿈을 이뤄주는 미술학원입니다.



미술craft, clay, 종이접기, 기초뎃생, 디자인, 수채화, 페인트

영어, 한글, 스페니쉬, 중국어, 수학, 과학, 

체육, 게임, 음악, 악기, 동화Movie, 요리아트

Special Activities 생일파티/Field Trip

어린이미술 ,Middle high ,취미반

각종미술대회 작품 전시회

크레딧이 100% 보장되는 Art Competition


Art Theraphy

Test Sensory Integration

그림 지능 검사 (PTI, KPTI)


시지각 발달 검사

Test Sensory Integration

그림 지능 검사 (PTI, KPTI)


어린이미술, Art Therapy, Middle high, 취미반

각종미술대회 작품 전시회. 

크레딧이 100% 보장되는 Art Competition.

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